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Strong Bad's main man since 1987. Perhaps Strong Bad is saying he likes to say hello to his little friend and play the five-knuckle-shuffle. For his next birthday, I'll buy him a wet nap.
When I think of Scott Baio, I like to rock it Van Mundegaarde style!
by T. J. October 30, 2003
Strong Bad's main man, since 1987.
Keep rockin' it Van Mundegaarde-style.
by Shaz October 01, 2003
Van Mundegaarde Entertainment
well, a perfect example would be Hi I'm Jack Van Mundegaarde from Van Mundegaarde Entertainment
You can visit our website at vmeonline.cjb.net
by Jack Van Mundegaarde January 22, 2004
Van Mundegaarde is a Southern euphemism for masturbation.
A phrase like "I need to spend time with Van Mundegaarde" connotates you are going to spend some quality time with your hand.
by Boboflan October 27, 2003