a person who thinks too highly of himself when in reality he is just a lonely jerk with no friends
that fat guy is such a vamsi
by lordporter27 November 11, 2010
Top Definition
Vamsi: to be anally raped in an online battle of wits so hard you have to take a break from facebook to stop the seepage.
That dude just got the vamsi super hard
by kingmagmus July 26, 2010
The epitome of cool and sexy. A tall guy with great hair and a killer smile. One of the nicest guys a person could ever know
That guy over there is such a vamsi
by sexychick15 July 27, 2012
it refers to someone who is queefing, i.e., blowing air out of your vagina which sounds like a fart. it also smells like period blood sometimes, so people often refer to vamsi as a vampire, thirsty for girls on their period
"Holy shit! That person is vamsi! He's a period blood sucking vampire! Run!!!"
by articuno452671 December 14, 2011
a supercool person with amazing athletic abilites in tennis and mainly basketball; basketball superstar; funny
Lebron James is such a vamsi.
by TheManDoesntWantMeToKnow March 28, 2009

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