Valerie is a jaw-dropping sexy girl, with an awesome ass and extraordinary body. Guys usually get hard just by looking at her. The worst about her is her French origin, which makes her totally arrogant. She also loves horseback riding. Even though she only started it because of the wild orgies with her coach Torsten Fuck! She also models for a porn magazine, where she poses naked in all kind of positions on horses. You will meet her anywhere, as long as there is alcohol because she is a huge alcoholic. She looks and acts like a huge slut, but in reality she’s still a virgin. She’s also in an open relationship with a girl, which suggests that she might be a lesbian. She knows close to everybody, especially all the stoners in town, also everyone knows her because of her image. She’s also a really good friend, but she doesn’t like to let new people get close to her.
A: Damn, she looks like a huge slut!
B: Naw, she's still a virgin, such a Valerie.

A: Look at that girl with the bottle of vodka, she's been drinking all night!
B: Yeah, that's Valerie!
#sexy #hot #cool #awesome #slut #virgin #horses #lesbian
by DavSebas October 05, 2011
Top Definition
Valerie is a VERY sexy women who is also very intelligent. She has beautiful eyes and is sometimes considered to be a savage, but those people know as well as everyone else, that she is trully one of a kind. Dont do anything bad to Valerie, because she WILL come back out on top.
Colin: Hey Savage !
Valerie: Heyyy=) How are you?

(..Meanwhile in the background, the other people are talking about them..)
-"Is Valerie really a savage?"
-"Nahh G, she is a hero to everyone."
#beautiful #princess #hero #stunning #intelligent
by whydoesitmatter564513123 November 15, 2006
the most awesome girl in the world
Dan: "Sorry I was a dick to you."
Valerie: "I don't care."
Dan: "stopp ur gonna make me cry :*-("
#val #valerie #avila #valerie avila #val avila
by danny bo banny May 15, 2006
Often beautiful and intelligent, ladies with this name also have the gift of patience and kindness. They often place others before themselves, which makes them the best kind of friend to rely on. Though passive, they aren't afraid to stand up for what they believe in and often hold their loved ones close to their hearts; their friends especially. Once you fall for one, or become close to them, you'll never regret it.
"Hey, did you know Valerie helped out at the soup kitchen?"
#beautiful #sweet #valerie #women #ladies #kind #intelligent
by skii4life February 05, 2010
She is the most loyal, loving and awesome friend you would ever wanna have. She has your back even when you are wrong. She will give a swift beat down to ANYONE who messes with those she kalls "friend." She is not embarrassed by her friends even if they have special licking the windows on the short bus...
if you were having trouble licking the windows on the short bus...VALERIE would remind you to remove ur she had alredy done! :)
#bootylicious #loyal #loving #awesome #friend
by MzHolliWudKitti February 03, 2010
she is the best friend, she is outgoing, crazy, a dog lover. she loves boys and is a strong girly valerie is a sister and a model both for roling and for sexieness yes i made this just for her
she is a valerie<3
#nice #sweet #kind #caring #loving
by kate111111111hell January 01, 2011
The most beautiful girl I know. She makes me happy by just being around. She will make you refresh your facebook all day though because that is just how she communicates(she admits she is a facebook whore) She can put a smile on your face and warm your heart just by looking at you. She will make you weak in the knees and make you feel like a virgin all over again.
Man that girl at Angels is a total Valerie.
#sexy #beautiful #attractive #caring #fun
by BDubb04 December 11, 2010
sexy beast.
that valerie is a hunk of burning love.
#hot mama #rawr #pour some sugar on me #hot legs #dancing machine
by tigress valerie September 17, 2011
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