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- Form of Valerius.
Is a creative female name that is Latin originated and means to be happy and strong. And Lim is a very common last name that originates from Malaysia.
The words Valerie + Lim together creates a meaning of happy strong malaysian.
People with the name should be treated repectivly.
Chad - man! did you see that new girl's name? It's Valerie Lim
Andre - yeah, I wish my girlfriend's name was that, cause she'd be a happy strong malaysian!
by Proffessor Chiu April 05, 2009
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This exotic creature can only be found once in earths lifetime. Possessing an abstractly conflicted aura of severe negativity, any human being unlucky enough to encounter her will forever be damaged. It is advised to stay away for your own sake.
Derek: I once met Valerie Lim
Nate: Oh really what happened?
Derek: She did my head in so I took advantage of her
Nate: Right thurr
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