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The jesus of vaginas much like a pimp.
Dude, i'm trying to get laid can you help me? you're like the vajesus
by tape worm September 08, 2008
vajesus is the dopest vag ever found in mankind. I guess you could say lord and saviour of the sausage.when one taste the vagjesus one knows what the angles taste.
Ted:I went all the way with saddie last night. Jason: how was it? Ted: she's like vajesus.
by Black mamba 420 May 15, 2015
1. A perfect vagina that is good to go for whatever comes its way. i.e. sex.

2. A vagina that is betrayed by vajudas in terms of cock-blocking
1. Moriah- I just shaved; my vajesus is ready to perform miracles!

2. Megan- I'm gonna go with you to the movies with your boyfriend ok??

Moriah- My vajesus hates your vajudas right now.
by playmeganplay November 27, 2009
A nun or other oveerly religious female
She is such a vajesus, everything she owns has a bible verse inscribed on it
by zimz May 27, 2005

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