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Sexy BEAST in Hindi
Dang, that guy's so Vaibhav-I want to have his chilren.
by taleofcaptainjacksparrow July 02, 2011
71 18
A dancing superstar that is a grand prize for the ladies! This dancing machine will steal your date and your wallet.
Look at that guy dance, he is so vaibhav!
by Vaibhav Dhingra January 02, 2008
165 56
A dime magnet.
Person 1: Wow, Jake always has so many dimes with him.
Person 2: Yeah, he's such a Vaibhav.
by dimemagnet December 05, 2010
54 27
Extremely dedicated to their goals, almost to the point of stubbornness.
He is so Vaibhav to his work
by Sheldonbrainy October 15, 2013
10 5
an adjective for a guy destined to find a bad looking girl how much ever he tries.
" can try as much as you want, you are totally vaibhav."
by the gansgta 44 March 19, 2009
65 127