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1: mucus that bursts forth from the vagina.

2: vaginal snot.
"Sorry I got my vagu all over your face, it doesn't mean that I don't love you. I just have a vaginal cold with vaginal-nasal congestion. Maybe they should make vaginal decongestants."

"I need to go blow the vagu out of my vagina."
by Kimuhhhhhh December 03, 2007
6 10
A slang term for the female genitalia. It may commonly be confused with type of pasta sauce.
The elderly woman's vagu looked like a grilled cheese sandwich being spread apart.
by Eiri Yuki November 30, 2007
20 6
Adjective: 1) wandering; 2) vague (Wiktionary)
"...I ask my dignity vagus wandering in strange land..." ("Antigone" by Roberta di Lorenzo)
by Jesus Chameleon July 17, 2011
3 4
the mystical gaping hole of time.
When the women of 83 spread her vagu it looked like grilled cheese.
by ram das November 12, 2007
2 6