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Formal: Vagtaggary Number
Informal: Vagtaggage

The Vagtaggary Number is the number of vaginas you have plowed. Quite literally for some what makes them a man. Quite literally for others not so much. Inflation of the Vagtaggary Number even by one vagina if founded with proof of evidence(haha her ratting you out, you deserve it manbitch)has the punishment of becoming manbitch until manbitch gets his Vagtaggary Number set straight. Deflation is allowed, but only to women.
Girl:Hey whats your Vagtaggage?
Guy: Oh, about 6 or 7. (14-16? Too fucked up to remember the last 2 so maybe not.)
Girl: Ok, lets have sex.
by TotallyStonedandSpeeding February 04, 2011
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