(n.) the vagina that is surgically constructed from a penis during sexual re-assignment surgery
Even after hours of tongue numbing cunnilingus, it never dawned on me that Faux Necia's was a vaginus not a vagina.
by AlainLuc May 19, 2009
Top Definition
The way Vagina SHOULD be spelled. Penis, Anus, Vaginus, see what i'm saying?
I lost my headphones in my vaginus
by Tyler Garner February 20, 2005
(noun) used to describe a person who is half cunt and half asshole.

Normally used when in respectable company in lieu of the more common and more vulgar synonym "cunthole".
Andre: "Dont give me excuses, give me results!"
Ray: "Take a chill pill, you're acting like a vaginus"
by Shaka Demus 268 October 16, 2007
An anus and a vaginal hole ripped into one.
I fucked her holes so hard they ripped into a Vaginus
by Blitzstrike92 May 17, 2009
A shamu sized vagina. Loose. Large like a whale.
Boy: I totally didn't fuck ann yesterday.
Boy 2: why dude she hot?
Boy: she had a giant ass vaginu.
Boy2: ewwwwwwwwww.
by lolface64 August 05, 2013
When a vagina smells like shit, or if a puss is behaving like an asshole, or vice versa.

Also a rare deformity where there's an anus implanted in ones vagina
That chicks vaginus makes me feel like throwing up

John is behaving like a vaginus
by Altai"r Ibn' La Ahad October 10, 2014
n; a vagina, when referred to by a younger brother
10 year-old boy to his older sister: "Were you just scratching your VAGINUS?"
by Cherry Goldencarp June 01, 2012
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