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Vagina Ninja
Used to describe anyone who is obsessed with vagina and gets a lot of it
George over there sure likes vagina. He's such a vaginja
by Megan April 23, 2006
Synonym for firecrotch.
That redheaded whore has a vaginja.
by BlairV February 01, 2009
Originating from the term Va-Jay-Jay and literally meaning 'Ginger Vagina', the Va-Ginja can be defined as either as a vagina with red pubic hairs, or the vagina of a ginger or redhead.
Although the alternate spelling 'Va-Ginga' is also acceptable, the phonetic spelling 'Va-Ginja' is more commonly used as to avoid confusion in pronunciation.
See also, firebush.

Origin: AW
Dude did you see that! That readheaded girl got hit square in the Va-Ginja with a snowball.
by Desomnt West April 18, 2008

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