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a dinosaur which resides within a woman's vagina
The Vaginasaur is usually a mild-mannered creature.
by sn January 14, 2005
18 20
A vagina that attacks you when you go near it
by anonymous March 31, 2003
52 16
A carnivorous prehistoric creature that primarily fed on the smaller penisaurus.

A sore on the vagina.
A. The vaginasaur was a fierce carnivore that lived during the jurrassic period.

B. Man, that bitch had a vaginasaur.
by robistotle October 02, 2009
8 3
The genitalia of an older woman or cougar.
Dude, that guy is always going after the cougars.

Yeah, he's hunting Vaginasaurs.
by Knight hawk March 19, 2009
7 5
An old broad, generally dressed up.
Check out that scraggly old vaginasaur over by the bar. I bet Ed Greco would do her!
by Roberto Costapoopoo March 31, 2003
14 13
Noun, Synonym for cougar an older women flirting with younger men or just generally doing things she is to old for.
Gross, that vaginasaur's middrift is showing off her C-section scar.
by Queeseso August 24, 2010
2 2
To be a major cunt. Usually used as an insult to another person. Usually to a woman.
Girl 1: "Oh my God, Catline was being such a vaginasaur today."

Girl 2: "Oh she totally was!"
by LunartheLycan May 16, 2009
4 4
Large, old, leather skin woman
Mrs. Wilson is a cranky Vaginasaurus
by HankScorpio January 25, 2006
16 16