extreme confidence in ones sexual prowess that often times leads to premature ejaculation and occasional injury of the vagina or the general vicinity of the groin. Vaginal Hubris is often a gateway crime to prostitution.
Shaniqua's vaginal hubris led to the contraction of herpes, syphilus, and a lazy eye on account of an overexcited sperm missile (pronounced miss-eye-el) to the optical nerve.
by Terror-Matsui November 05, 2009
Top Definition
A woman being overly proud of her vagina.
She's got Vaginal Hubris, acording to her vag all other pussies are useless.
by pepesilvia November 05, 2009
When a girl has excessive pride in her vagina.
That bitch has a false case of vaginal hubris
by Cpt.Vagstastic November 05, 2009
an overwellming pride in ones pussy
Tasha let her man Chris go out to the strip clubs due to her Vaginal Hubris
by Penile Hubris November 10, 2009
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