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The disease that comes over males when they dont grow a pair testicles to flirt with the one woman they like. The male vagina(*see below) quickly gets infected and the disease quickly spreads to the brain giving the mind assets of a "Vagina Decliner."

(*)The male vagina forms when the male who once was thought of to have balls but now is known that he doesnt. Most occurances are diagnosed when a male wont talk to the girl on the heater.

This disease cannot be infected into shemales.
But can be caught by people who are incredibly close to the line of homosexuality.
Lynn: Natalie is on the heater Zach. Go sit by her.
Zach: im trying to pay attention in class douche.
David: come on you pussy go by her.
Zach:No ass hole.
Brett: Man, you must have been infected the Vaginal Hutchinson's Disease"
by David the Native February 13, 2008

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