The last blood clot at the end of a womens period, enormous in size and flavor!
Man that vagina nugget was enormous!
by Leggz July 03, 2011
Top Definition
Bubbles that form around the vagina after the first time of having sex. Morely after 'popping her cherry'.
John,"Her Vagina Nugget was really huge."
Greg,"Ew, that's gross! What's a vagina nugget?"
by moomeowkitty March 31, 2011
A nugget of nastiness that leaves the vagina. A douche bag, and ass hole, a derogatory slur.
"Your name here" is SUCH an ass hole, he is quite the VAGINA NUGGET!
by T to the R to the U to PO June 29, 2010
vagina nugget is a certain place on the vagina also knoomn as the clit......
the vagina nugget is a fat clitoris "un normal"
my vagina nugget is very crispy.
also known as angila
by danygrl June 20, 2008

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