One whose mouth has the scent, flavour, or feel of a vagina. Though not necessarily unpleasant, this raises some interesting questions.
Oh hey Emily, how's your vagina mouth doing?
by Carltonpants October 12, 2009
Top Definition
1) Someone who is constantly talking about vaginas.

2)Someone(usually a woman) who's mouth is used as a vagina, almost like blow job, but not exactly, a mouth fuck involves the male partner to stand up while the female gets on her knees and the male thrusts his cock into her mouth until he finishes, then she swallows.
"Dude, shut up, your a cock blocking vagina mouth."

"wow, my girlfriend is such a vagina mouth, as soon as i get home, shes already on her knees!"
by whyucarewhoiam? April 02, 2010
the smell of vagina on someones breath; someones mouth that looks like a vagina
What up vagina mouth, damn your mouth looks funny, plus your breath smells like a vaginal canal, ha ha ha ha ha.
by Fruir Legs January 07, 2009
When someone's mouth has been used so much is represents a large, flappy vagina. Picture two pieces of sliced turkey. Flapping everywhere. Getting gravy all over your mouth. vaginamouth.
Wow, that girl sure has a vaginamouth...
by d0ctor June 22, 2011
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