The excretions caused by a flaggelation of the vaginal walls while a woman or menestrating hermaphrodite is bleeding through the vaginal cavity. They sound may mimic that of a normal queef, however the "VBF" is distinct in that the pitch is higher, and also the fluid excreted is of a thicker consistency. Additionally the pH level is 8.7 rather than a pH of 7, which is the consistency of your traditional vagina fart. Obviously there is a bloody residue left everywhere.
Due to the destructive nature of my girlfriends vagina bloodfarts, I did not forget my snorkle and goggles this evening. Last month the PH level of 8.7 ruined my contact lenses and stained my moustache red.

I am sure to be wary of the vagina blood fart, last week a cop accosted because there was a bloody trail of blood farts behind me. Therefore from now on I will use tampons and not maxi pads.
by Elizabeth Baker March 18, 2006
Top Definition
A vagina blood fart is a gastric explosion of blood through a pussy
when a girl tries to squeeze out a regular fart so hard that a gasball of blood shoots out of her twat hence a blood fart
by richie terrazas December 29, 2003
A queef occuring on that "special" week of every month.
Fuck! It's a bitch tryin' to get a Vagina Blood Fart outta your sheets!
by Crotch-Ketchup June 18, 2003
A person who has exceeded their lifetime dose of methyl ethyl ketone peroxide (MEKP) see- John Bugge
Who's the vagina bloodfart that left the door to the freezer open and melted my tasty bass?
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