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Its is where a man sticks his ball sack in to a woman's Vagina. The man is using the same technique as fingering but instead of using a finger he uses his ball sack. The man can also wriggle his balls around inside of the pussy from more pleasure.
Ohh man i like Vaginaballs because it feels nice when i wriggle my balls in her Vagina
by Vumbaca69 November 01, 2009
When you don't wash your balls for so long that they begin to smell of dirty, dirty vagina.
I got to scrub my grundel, I got a bad case of vagina balls.

Shit man, I just took a dump and got a whiff of my vagina balls.

My vagina balls smell so bad.
by ranger dave November 06, 2009
When a vagina is so saggy, the extra skin resembles balls.
I fucked this old lady last night! I swear she had vagina-balls!
by thefuckinggeniusofstj August 29, 2010
term used to describe the imaginary female genitalia of a female who takes things to another level and is completely badass.
did you see that chick take down those 3 shots of wild turkey whiskey in 3 seconds. man, she's got a major set of vaginaballs
by ropeburn September 23, 2008
Slang word to descirbe a transexual.

Also used to describe a male or female who behaves like the opposite sex.
Person one: look at her walking around like a dude!

Person two: I know she is such a vaginaball.
by _R_J_B_ November 04, 2011
When playing Halo 3, male players can "tea bag" another player after killing them...when a girl does this, however, it is referred to as "Vagina-balling"
Halo player 1 (female): Shot you, haha!
Halo player 2: Whatever, I'll get you next time
halo player 1 (female): But I still got your pride...Vagina balls! (squats over player 2 on the face, repeatedly)
by blondyyninja February 10, 2010
awoman with a vagina with balls under it.
look, that womands vagina balls are dangling
by tim wolfe, jamie tyler September 04, 2008