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A vagina troll is a creature that lives in the dark depths of a young girls vagina. Which makes her incapable to having sex with a male until she is of age. If she tries to have sexual relations with a male the male will get his penis stolen by the troll inside her vagina.
hell no i heard she still has a Vagina Troll i dont want my penis stolen.
n 1. A person who's company is unwanted.
n 2. A mythical creature that preferably dwells in one's vagina.
1. Get away from me you Vagina Troll.
2. Man, that guy's an assbastard. He must have a Vagina Troll up his rectum.
by Krill January 20, 2003
Sister term to Pussy troll, which was made famous by the movie Clerks 2. Both versions are used and mean that you cannot have sex with that person if they have a Vagina troll and or pussy troll.
I hate that vagina troll that she has down there!
by dededumdip August 14, 2010
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