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When looking at a woman from behind and she has her feet together, you can see daylight through inbetween her thighs
Person - 1:"Look at that girl, you can see right through in between her legs".
Person - 2:"Yeah she has serious Vagina Thighs"!
by M Lloyd October 19, 2007
When the thigh is connected to the vagina due to a mass build up of fat in the croch region.
You see that fat bitch sittin on that bench, her vaginathigh is touching the ground.Shits not right man......

by sansan1 March 26, 2009
Legs so fat that you can lube them up and use them instead of a vagina.
"Chrissy, did you have sex last night.". "no, I let him have my vagina thighs instead. He couldn't tell the difference"
by Sprocket95 February 17, 2012