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A sex move where you have your girlfriend stand across the room naked facing you and you rush at her with a full fledged boner and try to "hit the spot" you may or may not try to impersonate an actual rhino by making rhino noises.
Brendizzle:dude what did you do yesterday?

J-Money:man your not going to belive it... I Vagina Rhinoed my girl

Brendizzle: dude your the man

J-Money: yeah I know

by Sheki-Joe (J-Money) September 12, 2008
Some one who is female but is very aggressive and could be referred to as a 'tank' or 'brute' usually used to describe tough women or lesbians

Can also be used to describe ugly women, possibly old. Usually used as a derogatory term.
Example 1
Man 1: "Man, Anne Robinson sure is scary"
Man 2: "Yeah, she's one hell of a Vagina Rhino!"

Example 2
Man 1: "Do you like Susan Boyle?"
Man 2: "Hell no, she's a vagina rhino!"
by Nighthawk23 November 30, 2011

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