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One who is oblivious to the looks, feels, in some cases tastes and smells of a vagina. In the sense of actual vaginal interaction. Somebody who has never seen a vagina in real life, touched a vagina in real life, gone down on a girl with a vagina in real life. Doesn't know to much about the vagina, other than the fact that girls have them.
Guy 1: "So you and your girlfriend were together all night yesterday, have you even tried to make a move dude?!"

Guy 2: "Uh, Of course I have dude! We have been together for over two months! Shit!"

Guy 1: "Oh really? So what have you done then? Have you even fingered her yet?"

Guy 2: Uh ofcourse I have! I do it all the time, especially when....when uh, she is wearin skirts! yeah."

Guy 1: "Ok bullshit! You haven't made a move have you! If you have then what does a vagina feel like?!"

Guy 2: "Uhm.... it feels like....uh.. well yuh see.....its kinda like...."

Guy 1: " I knew you! You don't even know! You are so Vagina Illiterate !"

Guy 2: " I am not Vagina Illiterate
#virgin #vag noob #vagtarted #sexually retarted #v-tard
by Paynfulone July 29, 2009
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