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When a person with plugs removes of them and their lobes are all floppy like; the holes end up resembling a vagina
"I hate how I gauged my ears. Look how gross they look without plugs"
"Ewww, you've got dem vagina ears!"
by LOLalwyx October 28, 2009
Slang term for Labia minora.

When working for a private ambulance company a woman in a psych ward had come up to my partner and I and asked who she should talk to if she had a problem with some of the other residents. I then asked why she wanted to file a complaint and she said "They cut off my Vagina ears."
"they cut off my vagina ears."

Synonyms include but may not be limited to Vagina Ears Labia minora Beef Curtains Roast Beef Flaps pussy lips
by Emrgnc911 March 29, 2009
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