A vagetarian is somebody who only eats vaginas! See Bull Dyke, Rugmunchers, Lesbians or Pussywillows.

Vag-et-ar-ian = Vagina shorterned with vegeterian.
"Oh did you hear Lara is now a vagetarian?"

"Oh really?" "Well I must give her a call and ask her if she wants to eat out some time?"
by MilkyMoon777@Hotmail.com September 01, 2006
Top Definition
Either a straight male or lesbian. Generally only used to describe lesbians
Shelley, my boyfriends best friend is a real hunk and currently single, I could introduce you. Thanks but no thanks I've become a Vagetarian.
by Da Real JZ January 01, 2009
Instead of joining the health conscious vegetarian craze, a vagetarian dines on healthy portions of vagina. They feel that meat is an important part of one's daily nutritional intake, but eating box is a valuable source of nutrients which is often overlooked. A little muff diving never hurt anyone, so long as they bring their goggles.
Thomas became a vagetarian, in order to improve his lifestyle and increase his chances of receiving falatio.
by Mr. Fuel March 23, 2007
A person who prefers eating out vaginas.
Dude1:Hey you gonna have that cock meat sandwich?
Dude2: Naw i'm strictly a vagetarian!!
by JAY-ZEUS July 10, 2008
Someone whos diet consists of only vagina.
This is a weight loss programme as well as a life style, similar to the well known Atkins diet only rather than eating only fatty foods, you only eat vagina.
Fancy getting some food Steffy?' 'Sure thing Sophii, but im a Vagetarian' 'Oh my gosh me too!' 'Lets go back to mine' 'sure thing baby
by Suicidal_Kitteh October 22, 2010
A devout lesbian. One who does not admit meat into her vagina.
Oh you're no chance there, Alan. She's a Vagetarian. She hasn't had dick since 1998.
by schliegenoberfuhrer March 05, 2015
To greatly like, or only like, the vag.
He/She is such a vagetarian.
by brandon && claire June 24, 2007

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