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Female agenda, implying control over men via attempts through feminization of masculine traits or sexual cunning.
I can tell she has a vagenda to steal my money and take over my company, but damn it, the sex is so good.
by Curtis X Meyer December 04, 2010
when one befriends a woman with the ulterior motive of getting in her pants.
Jeff told me to call him if I ever just need to talk, but I'm pretty sure he has a vagenda.
by Pretty Pretty Sweetie Pie Priv April 25, 2008
A term used when the female in the relationship is primarily responsible for making plans and keeping the calendar for the couple or family.
Boyfriend/husband says to friend, "Dinner on Friday? I don't know if we already have plans or not. I'll have to check the vagenda."
by Angela S March 02, 2006
An agenda that involves a potential or probable hook-up with (a) female(s).
What's on your vagenda for the evening?
by Valpo2002 December 07, 2010
A hybrid of vagina and agenda.

Meaning either a woman's to do list OR a list of daily tasks for her partner to complete to ensure her happiness.
Husband: "Hey hun. What's on the vagenda today?"
Wife: "I'm going to the gym, then to meet the girls for brunch. You need to grab the kids from swimming at 2 and pick up coffee. I'll be home around 4."
by JohnnyyyyD November 20, 2010
The schedule of events taking place in one's vagina.
"I've been trying everything to get with Ruth, but her vagenda's booked up for months."
by lil_ms_naughty_cakes September 02, 2006
1. when a girl decides on scheduled sex

2. Writting down on a callander when and how you have had sex

3. planned use of a girl's vagina
Mom: Christi, we need to talk

Christi: What now???

Mom: I was cleaning your room, and I found this - is this a vagenda?

Christi: So what? And besides, its not even mine!!!

Mom: Oh, honey, I just wanted to know if you wanted to see mine to see how to organize yours better!!!
by theawsomepossumbunch April 29, 2009