A vagina with an agenda.
No, no. Imagine my chagrin when I found out it was an angry vagina. A vagina with an agenda. You know what that show (The Vagina Monologues) was in one word? Thats right, a vagenda.
by J. Licata July 06, 2005
Using the Vagina to procure what the woman wants, manipulation using Vagina for furthering the agenda of said Vagina holder...
Marcy used Toms weakness for Vagina to find out when to short sell her stocks..
That was Marcy's Vagenda
by Mantis0420 January 22, 2012
When a woman uses her vagina to complete her agenda. Said by Walter bishop in fringe.
She tricked my son with her manipulation and he fell right into her vagenda!
by mrs.nolife April 05, 2014
your vagina's social agenda
That guy just made my vagenda.
by sometimesifaint May 04, 2009
1. A plan or mission to get laid.

2. The steps one takes in order to get vagina.
1. It has been a bit since John got laid last so he decided he needed a vagenda.

2. Person 1: "Why has John been on his phone all night?"

Person 2: "He's been texting his ex...he's got a vagenda."
by mfucci September 12, 2012
The ultimate list of girls that a guy wants to bang.
"oh ya, that girl over is #1 on my vagenda"
"that girl is definitely not on my vagenda"
by Jones Hayden April 20, 2012
"Female's agenda", usually in reference to a group of women as their 'group female agenda'... but is equally acceptable as a reference to a single female's agenda
Larry wasn't clear on Lucy's vagenda, but he knew that it didn't include his best interests.
by orionway December 27, 2010
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