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A term reffering to a yeast infection of the vagina because the vagina looks like cottage cheese can also reffer to any vaginal discharge or pussy substance excreted by the vagina
Dude I just ate her Vag Cheese
by Dano B April 10, 2006
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a cheese-like fungus located deep within the depths of the vagina.
Gabby Racey has a severe case of vag cheese
by Horse Cum October 23, 2006
disgusting slut who doesn't clean her vag so she gets a yeast infection, a girl who is in desperate need of a razor dove soap and cleaning wipes
that girl is such a ho she has to have vag cheese
by lrdrlover13 April 09, 2010
A particular Italian Parmesan cheese.
Put some more vag cheese on my spaghetti
by Gabe N March 05, 2008

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