A city in the state of Gujarat in India. Locate at about 100 KM nouth of Ahemedabad and 450 KM north of Mumbai. This city has an historic presence in the Indian history. This city is also known by the name "Baroda". The name Vadodara came from gujarati word for Banyan Tree (Vad).

The major development of this city was carried out by Late Sayajirao Gaekwad, one the rulers of this city before Indian Independence.

This city is also known as culture capital of Gujarat. It has one of the largest Navratri and Ganesh celebrations in the country. Also it is one of the few cities who has Cricket team playing in National championship (Ranji Trohpy).
A wonderful place to live
by Tejas Kokje January 04, 2005
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Vadodara is a shity place on earth
with religious extremists who are occupied with killing Christians and Muslims and is a traditional strong hold for Hindu Terrorist group known as RSS
Man Gotta go to Vadodara
sheezus u r in deep shit man
by schwagster April 07, 2005

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