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A bunch of sweet bastard gamers from across the globe who are united under one common philosophical ideal; to defend the defenseless from defenselessness, oppress the oppressive oppressors, virtually slaughter the virtual slaughterers, virtually, and to have NVmySTYLE Service & Protect his fellow member's milfy moms until both have been fully protected to the point of complete exasperation, exhaustion, hyperventilation and when each lay satiated together upon the ground in a sweaty heap that feels like Jell-O with a thick skin layer and an endoskeleton when you poke it with a stick...or


I mean, uh ... united under four, repeat, FOUR common philosophical ideals; to defend ....
VSFGamers{dot}com. Sweet bastards just like you and me and um, well, not like me but...well, nor you either but the point is, they're completely similar in their dissimilar-ish-ed-ness-ess.


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