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"Virgin For Life" An apt acronym for those who have chosen abstinence (at least until marriage) and 'purity' over the morally flexible sexual trends of their peers. Most often their views and judgements have been instilled by some means of conservative/religious propaganda.

This is the polar contrast to the NPW
"Dude, check out that blonde sitting over in the corner, she's cute!"
"Don't even think about it Sam, she's definitely a member of the VFL club, trust me."
by CZShan October 10, 2005
Victimized For life, basically anyone who is a major loser that usually dates people 5-6 years younger than them even in teen years and pretends they're the coolest thing to hit Earth.
Rodney is mad fucking VFL, if we hit up his party 6 cars deep we'll be 90% of the party, the rest will be in elementary school.

Isn't Rodney 19?

by Carol City Boy March 16, 2005
"Virgin For Life". Typically the boys wear tighty whities, long white socks, and video game-themed shirts. The girls wear Invader Zim shirts and carry around manga books.
Anime nerds are automatic VFLs, unless they find a fellow anime nerd who will screw them while they roleplay as Pikachu and Sailor Moon.
by Morbidia May 29, 2005

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