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By far the biggest annual, week long, student run celebration in the world. Where Iowa State University recognizes the six colleges of the university: Veterinary Medicine, Engineering, Industrial Science, Home Economics, and Agriculture. Besides this, it is known to students as a week long, continuous rager where the population of Ames triples and people can find parties every night of the week. Booze is everywhere, even the classroom. Common events include; empty kegs thrown down streets, beer bonging in lecture halls, streaking, ceremonial burning of University of Iowa paraphernalia, small riots, and unforgettable memories.
-Hey I know that VEISHEA is coming up, are you planning on drinking at all to celebrate ISU's great history?
-The better question is; when don't I plan on drinking during VEISHEA! #RollClones #HookemState #Rhoads4Prez #Mayor4Life
by RhoadsCrew April 04, 2013

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