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Short for Value Added Tax.

VAT is the tax put on products.
by Jafje August 11, 2007
Vodka And Tonic
Yeah yeah alright I'll have a VAT dave...
by Mercian December 07, 2012
fobby way of saying what. Especially funny when indian people says it.
Common yaar, vat the hell is dis
by da1NonlyPATEL September 06, 2006
Value Added Tax (VAT) is a general consumption tax assessed on the value added to goods and services.
the crass went Bankrupted because they forgot to charge VAT
by anarchy and freedom July 05, 2005
Originated in Australia, it is a term used for a boy that prefers to smoke and drink with his own crew than go clubbing for women - Generally given to a boy of a clique.
"Is that guy you been wanting to suss coming tonight?"
"Apparently not, he's a vat."
by 12345656 November 02, 2014
a female vampire's vagina.
I got a boner from staring at that female vampire's vat while she sucked me dry.
by poopookiachooo August 13, 2011
A bar
Me and Dana got hammered at the vat last night
by relaaax March 26, 2009

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