A recipricating machine consiting of eight cylinders in the "V" configuration,introduced in the 30's more efficient V8's are introduced with every generation. Pre 1975 V8's were high compression engines that could run 115 octane gas and produce 3-400 ft lbs of torque and 3-400 horsepower.Post 1975 V8's were low compression engines that ran on lower octane unleaded fuel and were less powerfull but didnt disperse as much lead into the air. In the recent generation V8's that utilize fuel injection are more effiecent combusting devices and still produce sufficient power. As the 2000's lead on smaller displacement V8's are more powerful than previous big displacement engines. Computer modules help effientcy of V8's (and any other engine) with emissions,gas mileage, and constant performance. Ignorant people tend to say " look under the hood of your 2005 dodge hemi so many wires and computer bullshit that means more problems compare it to my 67' bronco 302 it has starer wires and a gas line it is so much more relible.screw all of that computer shit" they say this because not only do they not know anything about a car or how to fix one, they do not realize the fact that if older cars were so good then how come carboraters still arent around on cars? how come we still arent producing the model T? oh wait a minute its called TECHNOLOGY and efficientcy. Most other ignorant people tend to think V8's should stop production because the are "gas hogs" if thats the case lets put a 1.5 4 banger in 1 ton trucks. Take a look at the 5.7 litre dodge hemi with MDS (multiple displacement system)
it has the potential of 20 + mpg and still has awesome power. its because in low rpm situations such as highway driving, lower oil pressure shuts down eight hydralic lifters shutting down 4 cylinders which has a great benifit for gas mileage. its good on gas and is a powerful monster. most rice burner wiggers tend to think 1.5 litre 4 cyl motors with a lot of juice can win any race. but its all aftermarket add on bullshit.take a jeep WK with a hemi and it would beat the shit out of a honda civic. hell a jeep WJ with a 4.7 cant beat the shit out of a honda civic 4 banger. Excuse me a jeep XJ with a 4.0 litre I-6 can beat any rice burner on the street. a hemi is more powerful out of the box than any supra. period.
WIGGER: dawg if i put $5000 worth of nitrous in my car it will have power.
MECHANIC:your car isnt designed for speed or power. its ment to get 40 mpg. you'll burn holes in your pistons.
it ill void your warranty and your parents will be pissed that you fucked there car up
WIGGER:screw you dealership im goin to johnny independant
to get my work done and go back several times because my car is still broke V8's suck!
by killioughtta October 15, 2005
During menstraution, male and female decide to engage in intercourse. By entering the vagina, the males genitalia is coated with blood. He then takes his penis out of the female and she proceeds to give oral sex. She sucks the blood completely off of the penis while the male tickles her breasts with stalks of celery. After male orgasm, he then smacks her in the head with his penis declaring, "V8."
Bro 1: "Did you shaboink Karen on her period?"
Bro 2: "No doubt, even gave that hoe a V8, fam."
by broliver December 16, 2015
when one sticks four fingers up a girls ass and four in her cunt and makes a v with there fingers
ow v8 in my ass holy shit.
by Nick burns February 13, 2008
The popular engine configuration used in sports cars and trucks. Large torque and horsepower numbers and relativly compact design, also give that classic sound.
My V-8 Camaro will smoke the tires off the rims.
My V-8's rumble scares any honda boys into hideing
by birtchy13 November 23, 2005
An act to pleasure a woman that involves inserting four fingers in her vag and four fingers in her butthole, then moving your hands in and out in a V motion, like the movement of pistons in an engine.

As one hand goes in the other slides out, in an alternating fashion.
Ex: Steve sure knows how to serve up a roaring V8.
by Bill Weiners May 09, 2011
When a married man bangs his secret lover in the ass while keeping 4 fingers in her ass and 4 fingers in her vagina.
Barb: Come over and give me a V8 tonight while your wife is away.

Tom: Ok but I will have to take my rings off otherwise my fingers will get stuck inside you.
by Mike Rotchitchie August 06, 2008
A hearty tomato beverage chock full of vitamins and goodness, this is also the lifesblood of the VEGAN-VAMPIRE.
by Anonymous August 25, 2003
A big engine that people with little dicks praise.
Import guy; hey by any chance did you happen to catch a glimpse of my s5 taillights? (rx7)

Muscle guy; nah man you whizzed by. man I wish i had a lighter car, maybe then my v8 would accomplish something,

Import guy; so hows the misses?

Muscle guy; ehhh she's not satisfied anymore

Import guy, perhaps you should stop over compensating.
by RegretxX September 12, 2009

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