(1) Valley Stream, NY.
(2) Also known as Valley Queens.
(3) A ghetto suburb.
Yo, I'm from V-town, BITCH.
by GabbAyyyy August 29, 2006
Vereeniging, a smallish town south of Johannesburg, South Africa, use to be industrial town. not much happening there, poor little place, "dull and dirty", as everyone who sees it describes it. And in SA it seems that south is always bad.

my hometown though!

Luckily Jo'burg is not too far away.
"Where you from?" "V-town." "V-town?" "Vereeniging. South."
by stephanA August 17, 2006
Quick reference to any town or city that starts with V. Ambiguous as it is, many towns/cities claim to have originated the term. To date, none have proved their etymological originality.

"Victorville is the real V-Town!"

by extrapolated March 21, 2006
recently, a term used to reference Visalia, Ca.
"wow...i wish it wasn't 101 degrees in V-town"
by badasss_c October 03, 2005
viva las vegas baby!!!!
goin to v-town to get this motha fucka crunk
by lokimakaveli February 26, 2005

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