n. That which is held by someone whom has never engaged in the act of coitus.

A God-given membership to a holy club, valid until the first act of sex.

She got wasted last night and lost her vCard to Bobby, the quarterback...I hope she's not pregnant.
by funniestman January 21, 2009
your virginity. which btw, you don't want to lose before marriage. not a preacher
"she lost her vCard to joey last week"
by cocaine.m July 08, 2014
is the card you keep because you still a virgin
1- a son im bout 2 head to dis chick house and i think i may finally lose my v-card
2-yah i feel you hopefully one day i can lose mine
1-LOL, y do u say this everytime knowin u been lost it LOL
by JokesAlot July 10, 2008
i made it accedently on 2008, it means someone's virginity. i first said "my VIP card" but people started saying v-card.
me- "Hey Giovanna can i give you my vip card?
giovanna-"your what"?
me- "my virginity"

virginity= VIP card= v-card
by streetz is callin June 04, 2009
the virgin card, symbolizing that one has never participated in a activity.
he still has his vcard for sex, what a loser.
by Kevin Feng December 25, 2004
sumone who still is a virgin
My boyfriend wants to take my v card.
by vikkie June 03, 2005
Someone who has a virgin card. They're a virgin..
I have a v card. Doesn't that suck? I'm a virgin!
by mannequin_xx March 29, 2005

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