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Used to describe someone's virginity or in the phrase, 'I just swiped my v-card. Usually a playful term used instead of the normal colloquialism.
Hey man.
I heard you swiped your v-card last night.
Lolllll yah it was teh seks.
by Ashent June 27, 2006
n. 1.The present state of virginity. 2.The state of never having engaged in sexual congress.
The v card isn't something that's given, it's taken. (actual quote)
by joey the boo boo May 10, 2007
A synonym for virginity. Used in expresions questioning whether someone is willing to give up their virginity.
"Dood, if you go along with this you could lose your v-card."
by gone-lagg January 13, 2010
V' card is when your still a virgin/being a jonas brother
Tose pussy jonas' still got their v cards
by cherry8876 August 28, 2010
If you have the V-card, it means you are still a virgin
"did u do matt damon last night?"
"nope I still have the v-card!"
"i don't"
by what's a pseudonym? i mean it March 05, 2009
Card that someone who is a virgin holds. It is then lost after their first experience of inercourse.
I heard that girl lost her v-card at the party last night.
by ohmywrd May 17, 2009
1)To be a virgin
2)Someone who hasn't had sex yet hasn't "lost their v-card"
jess: yooo jimmy did you bring your v-card? cuz i left mine at homee
jimmy: whatever jess i get more tail than a dog.
by Spongebobb May 30, 2008