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The South African version of Chuck Norris but more interesting. Some people believe that the Dos Equis man was based on an Uys.
Here comes Uys... He is so badass, if I was a baddie I'd be scared. My wife finds Uys attractive, he makes me feel insufficient.
by Lettiez April 11, 2010
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A boyfriend of 4 years – yes an entire 4. If one only for 3 years then he is not a Uys after all (who knew). Uys is charming, energetic, fun to be around, dashing, handsome, a gentleman, caring and so much more! It is NET Uys ja, NET Uys!

P.S. Acronyms for Uys: Under Your Spell and Ultimate Yard System (the latter being soooooo true)!
Person 1: “I’m so annoyed my yard is a mess”
Person 2: “Get an Uys – he is the ultimate yard system, your yard will look good in no time AND he’s good to look at too – you’ll be under his spell!”
by Schhhhhh.... May 09, 2011

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