A German director, producer and screenwriter who is often said to be the worst director ever. That couldn't be further from true, Uwe is actually quite good, at least better than mainstream assholes like Friedberg and Seltzer. Most of the people who bash him do it because that's "cool" and have never even seen any of his movies. Or they bitch about how he ruined all those awesome games by converting them to crappy movies. But actually his movies are better than the games they come from, by watching the movies at least you can laugh at them, because they are not to be taken too seriously. After all, they are financed by Nazi gold.

Uwe is also upright, he knows that his movies are not successful and he makes jokes about them, unlike many directors who think they were chosen by God or something to make movies which actually suck ass.

And the last time I checked bashers made that stupid petition to stop him, but it didn't work. So much about them. And we knows what he does to the critics in the boxing ring.
guy1:OMFG Uwe Boll sucks ass dude!
guy2: Did you see any of his movies?
guy1:like...no. But he totally sucks lol
guy2: stfu please dumb fuck

guy1: oh no Uwe made another game to movie adaptation! They are total shit!
guy2: Did you actually play any of these games before watching the movies?
guy1: ...No. But they still like totally suck and stuff. Everybody says so.
by smokeG August 08, 2008
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