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Uvak is a common nickname given to men of Slavic decent. To be called a Uvak is a generous compliment, men are nicknamed Uvak for displaying the following traits:

Uvaks make wonderful best friends, they are loyal, honest, caring, their one true weakness is thier empathy they feel for others. While Uvaks are wonderful friends, they are down right terrifying enemies, never under any circumstances cross a Uvak or for that matter the friend of a Uvak for if you do he will hunt you till the ends of the earth, and you will pay for your misdeads, until HE feels you have redeamed yourself.
Uvaks make wonderful lovers, they are always well endowed & certainly know how to use it.
Uvak was relentless in hunting down Nazi war criminals, more often then not exacting his own brand of justice.
Uvak gave me the most intense sexual experience I had ever had, I lost count of my number or orgasms at 13.
by Punkin2001 February 09, 2010

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