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An Uuten'Nebauk {Shortened to a sammler form Uuten} is translated as a haunted beauty. There are many derrivatives of the species, but the most accurate is a male or female who is very beautiful in a hauntingly fascinating way.

The typical Uuten male does not have to stay with a female, he is free to go where he wants, to any bed he wants and is accepted into. A female can refuse or accept the male if she chooses {or her parents are mean and they make her} There are a few GOOD male Uuten's who are faithful and actually MARRY the female that he chooses that accepts him equally.

In their breeding The female sets the number for her daughters to birth. Only when the mother dies {and the girls are of age} can the daughters actually have kids. {Mothers blessings work as well} The son's of an Uuten mother can mayy who ever and SHE sets the limit for her own, even if she isn't an Uuten herself.

An Uuten female is tiny in build, but packs a good puch if need be. She is also versed in the natural magics of nature {as there are more than one} The male on the other hand is built for strength, and stability. The female is short compared to the males. The average height for an Uuten male is roughly 6-7 ft tall. a female can range in the 5 foot area. Depending on where they are from Geologically depends on their hair and eye colour. Uuten's can be converted to just about any other species easily enough, {Something in their bodily make-up allows this} There are reprucutions to some species, as the Uuten body has to adjust to the new species build. So there is some pain involved to where conversion in mosty ruled out for non-Uuten/Uuten couples.

An Uuten can deside to change his/her last name and start a family with friends and make a new branch of an Uuten. The Society Is somewhat complex and more is yet to be discovered about it.
Uuten'Nebauk Family names discovered so far:

by Shadow Wrider March 18, 2009
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