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Utica, Ny: An Unsolicited Testimonial:
My Brooklyn grandsons, ages 4 and 6, complained to their parents over winter school break:
"Why don't we get to go on cool vacations like the other kids at school?"
"Like where?"
"Like Disney World, or Utica!"

A few things I like here:
good mom and pop restaurants at reasonable prices, affordable housing, New York City first run movies at the museum, good library in New Hartford, skiing right in town!,Saranac Brewing company, the four colleges and their many programs open to city residents,Sculpture Space and its cool parties, the Pratt School affiliation with the Munson Williams Proctor Institute, The Boilermaker Road Race (top 15 k run in America), and Utica's proximity to New York City,Boston, and other major center. Did I mention the great friends to be found in Utica?
by San Franciscan and Utican July 11, 2009
Top Definition
A place where dreams go to die.
When I left Utica, NY my life got so much better
by ex-Utican June 21, 2010
A city located in the central part of New York state that was built atop a toxic waste site. Everybody who lives there is retarded and has a sulfuric BO smell.
Let's move to Utica, NY. I heard they have some cross eyed, ripe smelling young ladies who know how to make change at the supermarket most of the time.
by Tom Bradley May 28, 2008
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