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The distinct unattractiveness of Utah Natives. Mostly due to inbreed Mormons and women with bad 80's hairdos. Women usually display this with very short hair styles and overweight bodies. The Men display their distinct homeliness with missing teeth and winter burnt skin. It is not restricted to body images, there is personality traits added that make this homely state distinct. Native born people of Utah have a slight arrogance and small town mentality with stubbornness that restricts them and holds them back from progressing into the 21st century. While the rest of the nation is in its current year, Utah is minus 15 years back.
first girl (from California): "hahaha, look at that lady with the butch hair do, talk about Utah Ugly"
second girl (from Utah): "I think she looks great"
first girl: "wow"(sarcastically)
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