One of the best j pop artists of all time after Ayumi hamasaki.She has had 12 #1 hits to date on the Oricon Singles chart, with two notable record achievements for a female solo or group artist: 5 of them being million-sellers and 4 placing in the Top 100 All-Time Best-selling singles.Utada has won the Nihon Golden Disk "Song of the Year" award for 14 of her singles since 2000 and has won the Golden Disc "Pop/Rock Album of the Year" award for all 5 of her Japanese studio albums. She is also known for her two theme song contributions to Square Enix's Kingdom Hearts video game series: "Simple and Clean and "Sanctuary". In 2007, her single "Flavor of Life" reached #2 in worldwide digital download yearly single chart with over 7.2 million downloads, and contributes to 12 million digital sales for her over the same year.
g Singles.

Her voice is phenomonal at least better than Ayumi Hamasaki's. Many people just like her for the kingdom hearts themes but never listened to her japanese songs. Her album "Distance" was competing with Ayumi Hamasaki's album "A best" and she has sold more copies than her. Her song "Can you keep a Secret" reached number 1 on the oricon charts of the year. Even though shes not considered an idol like other j pop stars due to her humble looks, her songs are catchy and beautiful and has meaningful lyrics.

Many people judge her because of her english songs not even hearing her japanese songs saying she cannot write sh*t.
"Thats the girl who sang the KH themes utada hikaru!"

by DreamXFantasy March 22, 2009
Top Definition
Japanese female singer who is popular. Her most famous English song is probably "Simple and Clean", the theme song for the English version of the PS2 game "Kingdom Hearts". The song is also known as "Hikari" in Japanese.
Some of her songs are: Simple and Clean, Can You Keep A Secret, Colors, Deep River.
by Anonymous May 09, 2004
Also known as, Hikaru Utada, Utada, or Hikki(nickname). Nicknamed Hikki, since her friends have difficult time pronouncing her first name, Hikaru. Born in New York City, N.Y., in January 19, 1983. A very famous Japanese popular music singer and songwriter, who started singing and writing music at a very early age. Was attending the Columbia University, and currently on leave. Recently released her new english album, Exodus. Currently trying to enter the US music scene. Her past albums includes, Deep River, Distance, and First Love. She tried to enter the US music scene before, using the alias, Cubic U, but was unsuccessful. When she try again in Japan, she was unstoppable. Married to Kiriya Kazuaki in 2002, the director of the movie, Casshern. He also directed some of Utada Hikaru's music videos, such as, Traveling, Deep River, Final Distance, and Sakura Drops. Might currently be living in New York City.
Utada Hikaru produced some of the greatest music I have ever heard in my entire life.
by tfchui April 03, 2005
A very famous singer in Japan. Most famous in America for "Simple and Clean" the 'theme song' for Kingdom Hearts(ps2).
Utada Hikaru is one of my favorite singers.
by ~Jay~ January 04, 2006
A really great Japanese singer. She sings Japanese pop aka: J-pop. She was born in New York and moved to Japan. She has a beautiful voice and a great voice range. A few songs of her's are, "Passion", "Sanctuary", and "Simple and Clean". If you haven't heard her yet then you should...go listen to her or something.
Utada Hikaru sang the song "Simple and Clean" for the game Kingdom Hearts.
by Pete Wentz March 24, 2007
A New-York born singer who is widely popular in Japan. Her 1999 debut album "First Love" went on to sell roughly 10 million copies, making it the best-selling album in Japanese history. Two more albums released, and her popularity gave her the title "Japan's Madonna". Recently she has signed up with American record company Island Def Jam, and has released her American Devut album, "EXODUS". Though the sales in the U.S. were weak, it is known as the best-selling English album in Japanese history. Utada is far from over with her American career, with recent interviews in magazines, a new single, and a partnership MTV to create the world's first mobile series of music videos for their new mobile entertainment community entitled FLUX.
A surprise, her album Exodus contains interesting dance and pop music. She could be the first Japanese recording artist to really make it in the West." - Elton John
by Utadafreak June 04, 2005
A Japanese musician most famous in America for her songs for the video game Kingdom Hearts. Nicknamed Hikki by her fans she was born on January 19th, 1983 in New York City to her famous mother Keiko Fuji who was also a singer.
Hikaru holds several Japanese music records including the #1 album of all time in Japan in terms of sales (First Love ,1999) and most downloaded digital single in the world ( Flavor of Life, 2008). She was the youngest artist to ever appear on MTV's Unplugged at 18 years of age.
All 5 of her studio albums have reached number 1 in Japan including 12 number 1 singles and 20 Top 5 hits. Hikaru married the producer and director of her music videos,Kiriya Kazauki in 2002 but divorced in 2007.
She has recorded 2 English albums, Exodus in 2004 and This Is The One in 2009.
Hikaru is an anomaly in the music industry as she writes all her own songs and composes and produces about 90% of all her music, she also plays the piano and guitar.

Utada is beautiful, talented and smart ( briefly attended Columbia University) and is best known for having a wide vocal range for a Japanese singer.

Utada Hikaru is credited for having the first celebrity internet blog in world starting back in 1998 ( the term blog wasn't coined till 1999).
She is currently promoting her new English album , This is the One, and is writing and composing songs for her next upcoming Japanese album.
Utada Hikaru is a goddess.
by Otacon Jr. October 21, 2009
jpop singer who grew up in NY
most of her songs are techno/pop/r&b
probably planning on debuting in the US under "Utada"
yay yay yay yay yay yay yay
by moo August 01, 2004
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