Ursuline Academy is the number one girl's parochial school in Ohio. It is located on 5535 Pfeiffer Road in Cincinnati, Ohio.Ursuline Academy is a four-year college-preparatory private girls’ Catholic high school founded by the Ursuline sisters of Brown County, Ohio in 1896. Current enrollment numbers 700 students from all over Greater Cincinnati (representing 50 different zip codes).Ursuline offers a curriculum of more than 100 courses specifically designed to prepare the student for the demands of college level programs. A modular schedule (similar to a college scheduling procedure) is enhanced by the open-area structure which provides flexible learning areas.Twenty-six different co-curricular activities are available to students including 13 different sports at various levels.The tuition for 2010-2011 is $10,800 ($275 additional for technology; $175 additional for activity fee. Tuition does not include fees for Kairos and Graduation. Each class level has certain fees such as retreat fees, special class equipment fees, etc. From sports to academics, Ursuline Academy achieves in all categories. It has many strengths, such as volleyball, and academics, rather than one like many other high schools who are belittled compared to Ursuline Academy (Ursula..MND).
Ursuline Academy will get you to a great place in life.

Ursuline Academy is where I want to go to high school.

If she goes to Ursuline Academy, she must be smart!
by FFFFFFFFeverrr November 22, 2010
Top Definition
An all-girls high school in Cincinnati, Ohio, dedicated to advanced education. The students who attend this fine school are amazingly intelligent and beautiful. They are all-around good at sports and the performing arts. These girls are not concerned about the cost and label of their clothes and are very welcoming. They are good natured and stunningly gorgeous, and nearly every boy wants one as a girlfriend. A UA girl is self-confident, friendly, and smart.
The girl who attends Ursuline Academy will go on to a great college.

That girl from Ursuline Academy is very pretty!

A student from Ursuline Academy is so much fun to be around.
by petwhat May 18, 2009
One of many Catholic high-schools throughout the contry. The one in this difinition is located in Springfield, Illinois. Unlike many other Ursuline schhols, this one is coed. With a population of about 200 students, it is among the smallest high-schools in town. Located on the northend of Springfield, it is on the opposite side of town as the other Catholic High-school (SHG). The Springfield Ursuline's sports teams are called the Ursuline Sonics. Ursuline focuses on Academic Excelence (specifically in fine arts such as music).
Ursuline Academy is often looked down on by the rest of the High-schools in Springfield due to its small size, lack of football team and lack of funds (the school and average students' family is considered poor white-trash by other schools)
by northendwhitetrash January 23, 2007
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