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The definition of Ursula is a Girl with a really big penis, with multiple chins, no neck and, likes to steal shit from little kids

Dude 1: Dude did you see that blimp fly by?

Dude 2: That was no Blimp that was an Ursula!

Dude 1: Holy fucking shit run for your life!!!!!!!!!!!
Ursula steals: My little sisters Dildo
by Snap Crackle and POP February 09, 2012
28 80
The first name URSULA has Latin origin "ursus", meaning the bear. So everyone getting into fights with an Ursula - be aware, you may tease her for a while, but than she will strike back with all her force.
Saint Ursula, the virgin martyr.
by Ursula :-) October 23, 2007
341 93
A beautiful girl with a killer smile and a great personality. Usually judged and afraid of by many people because of the Little Mermaid. If you are crushing on an Ursula be aware that she will be sweet and a very good girlfriend.
"Did you see her, who Ursula?"
"Yah that girls was such a beautiful Ursula."
"What an amazing young lady son, was her name Ursula."
by Crazy Kate January 24, 2013
97 15
a beautiful lady whom people will find the need to hate..also the mother of a short hairy man who will take over the world by 2011
im so Jealous of that damn ursula and her son who is takin over the world
by tellitLIKEitREALLYis September 08, 2007
155 134
A person named after the villain of the little mermaid.

Usually they are from Winnipeg. Typically they resemble the porn star Asia Carrera, aspire to be dental hygenist, exercise by playing wii tennis, are professional rice eater, sleep a lot, like to watch weird movies, go crazy when drunk and are mad Justin Bieber fans.
"Wow you were going crazy at the club! You went all Ursula and tried to fight the bouncer!"

"Can you stop inspecting my teeth like an Ursula"

"Sure the Justin Bieber song `Baby` is great, doesn't mean you need to play it all the time like an Ursula"

"Even though you are Ursula, cuz you are such a rice fiend, I still like you as a friend"
by btan87 February 05, 2010
47 100
A fat lady who weighs over at least 200 pounds, and doesn't have a neck. They have multiple chins.
Steve: Holy shit! Did you see that whale go by?
Riley: Dude. That's no whale... IT'S AN URSULA!!!
by Kiss My Dupa July 14, 2011
31 103