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The referee that screwed England out of their rightful place in a football tournament.
It should have been England 2 - 1 Portugal had it not been for Urs Meier.
by Mister Ignorant June 25, 2004
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I know im gay and England knocked Switzerland out of 2004, so ill ne bent and disallow them a goal. Jippo cunt
by Riches June 25, 2004
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A cunt
A twat
A cheat
A big headed, self important, cunt pissing dogger
I'd rather eat dog shit than shake hands with Urs Meier
by The Shockmaster July 20, 2004
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Incompetent Swiss referee who disallows perfectly legitimate goals.

Boasts a porcupine-like mane, loves the ladies, and runs a shop.
No goal! The host cannot be knocked out in the quarter finals.
by madtroll June 29, 2004
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I thought He was an asshole for disallowing the sol's late goal.

but looking at it from the replay I think you have to say that John Terry did put arm on richado's shoulder. there for the goalie couldn't jump and Sol's put the ball in the back of the net. period
Let's get over it guys.
it makes us look even more ridiculous trying to blame the ref.
Sven's tactic was just...too negative...
or was it just that England didn't play too well?
by R. Mulligan August 24, 2004
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