Closet gay who strokes men off at conferences
An Urquhart gay postdoc from Nottingham, UK
by HappyHardcore November 21, 2006
Top Definition
Adjective. Used to describe the telling of a terrible story. One that does not need telling and does not improve the general conversation being had.
Opening statement: "I once phoned a man in my work that was called Urquhart. He was amazed that I pronounced his name correctly"

Reply from the rest of the group involved in the conversation: "Urquhart!"
by NonTwitcher April 25, 2015
To urquhart - To sexually violate someone
Roger got Urquharted in the club last night
by nps123 March 01, 2015
To jizz and laugh at the same time into someone's sock or socks that they are actually wearing.
John just totally urquharted in my new adidas socks when i was sleeping
by fudgeganoosh December 29, 2010
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