1. Kind of a mythical place; a bad place; a place you won't see until Act 2
2. A place full of symbolism and... things like that
3. The place you get sent for not obeying the laws regarding urination
4. Urinetown's the end
5. Urinetown's a tool, an instrument of power to enforce Mr. Cladwell's iron rule
6. Urinetown's a lie, a means to keep the poor in check
until the day they die
7. Not a place but a metaphysical... place
8. Your town, if you're hopeless do-OOOOOOWNNNNNNN aaaaaaaand out.

"Well... hello there. And welcome to Urinetown, not the place, of course, the musical
by Little Sally January 27, 2008
Top Definition
What is Urinetown? Urinetown is here! It's the town where ever people learn to live in fear.

So look around, you've finally found the place you asked about; for Urinetown is your town if you're hopeless, down and out.
"Urinetown... is death?!"

"That's one interpretation."
by Jess Taurins May 20, 2007
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