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Artificial orifice in the perinium out of which urine is expelled. Created for men who have had a urethral reroute, e.g. following a penectomy.
Holy shit, I've had a penectomy! Now I have to sit down to pee out of my urina - LOL!
by goldkill returns November 12, 2006
Another name for vagina (the orafice you urinate out of, according to a worryingly large amount of people).
Me: "I can't believe that there are boys out there who don't realise girls have three holes"

Female friend: "What? 3? We only have 2! Bumhole and vagina?"

Me: "So where does your wee come out of?"

Female friend: "Vagina..."

Me: "Right, either you are really stupid, or you have a urina."
by krapkrap November 19, 2011

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