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Urieism n. (yur-ee-is-um)

-A religion founded by missdandilion on tumblr.
Formed for the fanbase of Panic! at the Disco.
-Their Church (The Urieist Church) is like the Catholic Church of Rome is to Christianity.

-The chief god in the Urieist religion is Brendon Urie, singer of Panic! At The Disco.
-Others worshipped are as follows: Dallon Weekes, Ryan Ross, Jon Walker, Ian Crawford, and Spencer Smith.
-Brendon Urie's birthday is to Urieists as Christmas is to Christians

Those who believe is Urieism are Urieists
I'm so converting to Urieism. I mean, I worship Brendon Urie everyday, and his birthday is like christmas to me, so it just seems right.
by Anonymous from Tumblr July 03, 2011
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