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Oops! You probably meant: Korean Worker's Party.

Uri Party is the southern branch of the Korean Worker's Party of Korea, which is led by Kim Jong-il. Roh Moo-hyun who is a retarded gobshite, is South Korea's president and close to the Uri Party. Ban Ki-moon, who is also close to the Uri Party and a Marxist gobshite, is now the UN Secretary-General.
Me: You're giving money to the Korean Worker's Party who are starving, torturing and murdering thousands of innocent North Koreans! You people are horrible bastards!
Uri Party: Yeah, we really feel their pain, but now we're going to give Kim Jong-il more of our money to keep him in Hennessey. Besides, it's cheaper than actually HELPING the North Koreans. Also, we're Marxist fucktards.
by dudeinwales October 22, 2006